The government has mortgage the main motorway group; the agreement was approved on the issue of Pakistanis deposited in Swiss banks.

Islamabad (Wednesday, January 10, 2018):-The Federal Reserve Committee for the Finance of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IIPP), the Federal Board of Factors of the Senate has made the agreement with the exchange of information on the issue of money submitted by the Pakistanis in Swiss banks.

Swiss government has approved, information will start exchange from January 18 under the agreement, the Minor Finance summoned the billions of billions of rupees 50 crores and euros bonding to the committee for executing Sukok and European bonds.

$ 8 billion offer I, Hyderabad Motorway group has been kept from Chakwal for Sukok bonds, the market value of the motorway is $ 1 billion 70 billion, the sum of $ 1 billion has been released, and Rs 6 augmented to seventy rupees, interest rate was held, while committee members Expressions expressed concern over issuing a ban on bonds.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Committee Chairperson Senator Saleem Mandvi on Tuesday.

The agenda of the two taxpayers with the Swiss government and the withdrawal of refunds in the Pakistani banks of the Pakistanis are pending consideration.

The FBR authorities will come to the committee that the return of the Pakistanis’s $ 200 billion last year was deducted.

The agreement was signed with the Swiss authorities. The agreement was signed in March 2017 in March. The exchange of information from the date of 18th of this month will begin.

The Swiss government also approved the agreement .If the last aquitudes If they get information, they can request them. Chairman committee Senator Salim Mandvi said that the former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will bring $ 200 billion to Pakistanis why he said in Parliament.

On which the members of the committee said that Isaac Dar had a parliament’s privilege in the Parliament’s statement of misconduct. Minister of State for Finance Rana Afzal said that Isaac Dar referred to the statement of the Swiss bank’s MD.

Swiss bank does not know how much money is. FB Ruler told the committee that there was an agreement of exchange of automation information.

The finance minister briefed the Committee on 2 billion 50 billion rupees and Euro bonds to arrange the $ 8 billion offer for the execution of Sukok and European bonds. The market value of the Moto-V section’s market value is $ 1 billion $ 70 billion.

The Sukkur bond has been released to Rs.16 billion for seventy-four rupees interest rates. Babundjari was made.

Committee members expressed interest over higher interest rates. Imran Khan’s third wedding party was held in the meeting. Alias Bilour said that Imran Khan will be the first of the Customers.

On the basis of the members members put the crown. Jana Afzal questioned the customs officials whether Alias Bilour is not going to jail.

In the meeting, Minister for Finance for Finance Rana Afzal quoted the US regarding the assistance given by Pakistan, “We will have to fix the matters.” If we get relief from the US, we will have to manage ourselves.

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