Rs. 25000 Premium Prize bond Result Full List check online

Check Rs. 25000 Premium Prize bond Result online. The Twenty Five Thousand Premium Prize bond draw complete list by national savings of Pakistan can be downloaded on this page. The Prize bond 25000 Premium results draw with a first, second, and third list full will be updated live on this page.

Rs.25000 Premium Prize bond winning amounts:

  • 1st Prize (2 prize): Rs.30,000,000/–
  • 2nd Prize (05 Prizes): Rs.10,000,000/-
  • 3rd Prize (700 Prizes): Rs.300,000/-


Rs. 25000 Premium Prize bond Result Full List check online

               DRAW OF Rs.25000/- Denomination Premium Prize Bonds (Registered)

				 HELD AT Peshawar
Draw No. 14th									

Series:	Common Draw					Date: 10/06/2024


First Prize of Rs. 30,000,000/-

000000 000000

Second Prize of Rs.10,000,000/- Each

000000 000000 000000 000000 000000

HELD ON 10-06-2024 AT SBP BSC Peshawar
(700 Prizes of Rs.300,000/- Each)												


Other Denominations:


Rs. 25000 Premium prize bond Draw List:

Check online 25000 Premium Prize bond Draw Result List 2024 all recent and previous draws by the National savings of Pakistan. You can view the complete Prize bond of 25000 Rs. 25000 Draw Results 2024 and Past draws here. Rs. 25000 Prize bond Draw All Results

The twenty-five thousand (25000) Premium Prize bond is one of the highest price paper corticated bonds, after the premium prize bond. The 25000 Premium prize bond is usually bought and invested by powerful people with big savings. The bond is their favorite of them because of the highest winning amounts from the draw.

The prize bond 25000 Premium draw result has several winning prizes in every draw after the 06 months. The bond is a good opportunity for high-worth investors. Because this 25000 Premium prize bond result 2024 it can bring more prizes and hence more money for them.

More savings means you have a high number of bonds, and the high number of bonds means, you have a high chance of winning, and a high amount of prize amount means that you can be a millionaire in a day. Why because the first prize of this 25000 Premium prize bond list 2024 is Rs.30,000,000/- (Three Crore). And it can make you the owner of 30 Million Pakistani rupees in a day. But it only depends on your luck and fortune.

The latest prize bond draws list 2024 of 25000 Premium prize bonds can be seen with results in the above tables. The second prize worth is Rs.10,000,000/- (One Cror), which will be given to 05 lucky winners of a draw from the serial. And the second winning category has many times more chances than the first. So it will make you a millionaire also. The third prize-winning amount is Rs.300,000/- (Three lac,) which will be awarded to 1,696 lucky winners of a draw serial. So the investment in this bond will make you rich in all terms.

The one thing more about this 25000 Premium prize bond draw list 2023 is that, if you have not won any prize, then you can return it to the State Bank of Pakistan without any loss, and the money will be again in your hands. There is no fraud, and no loss because all the matters are covered under the supervision of the Government of Pakistan vi National Investment Funds of Pakistan.

If someone has savings in the form of a prize bond, then they might be able to search the 25000 Premium prize bond list 2024 by online here. We have updated all the first and second winner numbers on the above table with the Prize bond schedule and dates. The 25000 Premium prize bond third list 2024 can be downloaded or viewed online. So keep visiting and getting the latest draw information on this page.

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