Rs. 40000 Premium Prize bond Draw List Check online

The central Directorate National Savings of Pakistan Prize bond 40000 Premium Draw. Check online the 40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw full list on The premium 40000 Prize bond recent and past draw 1st, 2nd, and third full list with the schedule is updated below.

Rs.40000 Premium Prize bond Winning Amounts:

  • 1st Prize (1 prize): Rs. 80,000,000/-
  • 2nd Prize (06 Prizes): Rs.30,000,000/-
  • 3rd Prize (660 Prizes): Rs.500,000/-
              DRAW OF Rs.40,000/- Denomination Premium Prize Bond (Registered)
				 HELD AT Multan
Draw No. 29th			
Series:	Common Draw					Date: 10/06/2024

First Prize of Rs. 80,000,000/-

Second Prize of Rs.30,000,000/- Each
376410 632213 691732
Multan ON 10th June, 2024 - 660 PRIZES OF Rs.500,000/- EACH

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Rs.1500 Prize bondRs. 40000 Premium


Premium 40000 Prize bond Draw:

Check online 40000 Premium Prize bond Draw Result List all recent and previous draws by National Savings of Pakistan. You can view the complete Prize bond Rs. 40000 Premium Draw Results and Past draws here.Rs. 40000 Premium Prize bond Draw All Results Most prize bond lovers know about the rs.40000 premium prize bonds (registered) that are issued by the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) to the public. These bonds were introduced with the new aim to put money in the banks, and alternatively give huge prizes to the savers. It means you put your 40000 rupees in the bank.

The bank issued a six-digit prize bond number and that bond will get a first, second, or third prize if you match the six-digit. But the other benefit of that premium bond is that it will give you annual profit in your account. The profit rate is 3% Per annum and the profit amount will be given biannually to the bondholder.

The 40000 Premium prize bond result will also be controlled by the National Savings of Pakistan and the State Bank of Pakistan as a core body. The prizes of this denomination are the highest other than all other prize bonds. The first winners of the draw will get an 08 Crore value prize, the 06 prizes of amount 06 Crore, and the 660 prize bond 05 Lac amount.

All the prizes are much pretty for a winner. You may search your lucky draw numbers of Rs. 40000 Premium Bond Draw result from the above serial with the complete draw schedule.

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