Pakistani Rupee is going Cheaper against USA Dollar in Pakistan Currency Markets

KARACHI (Thursday, January 11, 2018) The Pakistani currency exchange rates improved in comparison to the US dollar compared to the US dollar. The balance was recorded in the interbank market in comparison to rupees in the US, while the open currency market was reduced by 30 paisas.

Pakistani Rupee is going Cheaper against USA Dollar in Pakistan Currency Markets. The rupee was cheaper than the Pakistani rupees in comparison to US dollars in Pakistani currency markets The information released by the Information Association of Pakistan According to the figures, the price of US dollar worth Rs 110.56 and price sales was Rs 110.66 in the Interbank market on Wednesday.

The rupee currency recorded an increase of 30 paise at dollar value, resulting in a reduction in the price of dollar worth Rs 112.00 to Rs 111.70 And the price sold by 112.40 rupees to 112.10 The rupee has been made. In comparison to the average homepage, the value of Euro increased 50 paisa.

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