Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2019


Get Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2019 from January to December by online. Download fresh out of the box new prize security draw plan list 2019 by national money related investment funds of Pakistan. Get many prize Bond Rs. have unique types of nation savings sparing prize bonds. You could find the motivation posting of each pulls in. Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2019

Discover prize bond draw timetable of extremely worth 100, 2 hundred, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and 40000 individually by online. Get Prize bond schedule 2019 – find all prize bond schedule 2019 from January to December. The national investment funds draw the calendar year 2019, on this page, you can investigate yearly from January to December plan posting of 2019 for all extremely worth of prize bonds, for example, Rs. a hundred (Prize bond welfare securities), Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15 000, Rs. 25000 and Rs. 40000 individually.

The prize bonds are the plan for all draws of assets to satisfy the consumption of government. Prize bond isn’t any side interest is accumulated or paid. Prize Bond Rs. are typically ready to recover Rs. your bonds for money. The indistinguishable sum as you paid first and foremost. Occasionally, some of the prizes are assigned and each bond has an equivalent danger of winning a prize. You may win a considerable measure or nothing. Be that as it may, you can’t lose your venture. Prize bonds are conveyor kind of security accessible in seven sections. These bonds are issued in gathering and each arrangement comprises of one under 1,000,000 bonds. The new premium prize bond schedule is at the end of the page. The new Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2019 is here to free download in Pdf online.

Check Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2019 here:

S No.DenominationDraw #Draw DateDayCity
01Rs. 1500077January 02 2019WednesdayQUETTA
02Rs. 75077January 15, 2019TuesdayKarachi
03Rs. 750077February 01 2019FridayLahore
04Rs. 2500028February 01 2019FridayMultan
05Rs. 150077February 15, 2019FridayLahore
6Rs.10025February 15, 2019FridayKarachi
07Rs. 4000077March 01 2019FridayQuetta
08PREMIUM 40000 Bond8March 11, 2019MondayPeshawar
09Rs. 20077March 15, 2019FridayMultan
10Rs. 1500078April 01 2019MondayKarachi
11Rs. 75078April 15, 2019MondayLahore
12Rs. 750078May 01 2019WednesdayMuzaffarabad
13Rs. 25,00029May 01 2019WednesdayMultan
14Rs.10026May 15 2019WednesdayPeshawar
15Rs. 150078May 15, 2019WednesdayMultan
16Rs. 4000078June, 03 2019MondayMuzaffarabad
17PREMIUM 40000 Bond9June, 10 2019MondayHyderabad
18Rs. 20078June, 17 2019MondayQuetta
19Rs. 1500079July, 01 2019MondayHyderabad
20Rs. 75079July, 15 2019MondayLahore
21Rs. 750079August, 01 2019ThursdayMuzaffarabad
22Rs. 2500030August, 01 2019ThursdayQuetta
23Rs.10027August, 15 2019ThursdayMultan
24Rs. 150079August, 15 2019ThursdayHyderabad
25Rs. 4000079September, 02 2019MondayPeshawar
26PREMIUM 40000 Bond10September, 10 2019TuesdayMuzaffarabad
27Rs. 20079September, 16 2019MondayHyderabad
28Rs. 1500080October, 01 2019TuesdayLahore
29Rs. 75080October, 15 2019TuesdayHyderabad
30Rs. 2500031November, 01 2019FridayQuetta
31Rs. 750080November, 01 2019FridayKarachi
32Rs. 150080November, 15 2019FridayFaisalabad
33Rs.10028November, 15 2019FridayHyderabad
34Rs. 4000080December, 02 2019MondayKarachi
35PREMIUM 40000 Bond11December, 10 2019TuesdayQuetta
36Rs. 20080December, 16 2019MondayKarachi

Note: In case draw fall in public holiday(s) the draw will be held on the following working day(s)

Download Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2019 in PDF

Premium 40000 Prize Bond Schedule 2019



Draw NO.DateCityDay











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