Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 – Jan to Dec Complete PDF

Get Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 from January to December at online. Download the new prize bond draw list 2024 by the National Savings of Pakistan. Get many prize Bond Rs. have unique types of national savings prize bonds in Pakistan.

Check Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024/2025

All Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 Time with Dates and cities

Download Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2024 in PDF

Get the prize bond draw Schedule of Prize bonds 100, 200, 750, 1500, 25000, and 40000 individually by online. Get Prize Bond Schedule 2024 – find all Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 from January to December.

Get the latest national savings of Prize bond draw schedule 2024 on this page. The government has implemented a prize bond scheme aimed at benefiting the general populace of the society. Individuals who are interested or wish to participate can obtain comprehensive information regarding their respective prize bonds.

Prize Bond draws are conducted every quarter, as per the designated Prize Bond Schedule, across various cities in Pakistan. Each Prize Bond denomination, ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 40000, including Premium Bonds, offers multiple prizes to be won.

You can easily download the prize bond schedule 2024-2025 provided by the National Savings of Pakistan. This schedule contains the new lucky draw dates, days, and cities where the draws will take place. The National Savings Organization updates this timetable every year.

The Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 includes all the draws from January to December. Prize bonds are like lottery bonds or non-interest-bearing security bonds, and they hold significant value worldwide as they are issued by the finance minister.

On this page, you can find the rs 200 and 750 Prize Bond Schedule 2024 and check the yearly schedule list. The Prize Bond schemes in Pakistan provide an opportunity for low-income and average earners to try their luck.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024

The new Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 is above to free download in Pdf online.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 Check online:

Sr.Prize BondDraw No.CityDraw Date
1Rs. 75097SIALKOT15 January 2024
2Rs. 10045PESHAWAR15 February 2024
3Rs. 150097LAHORE15 February 2024
4Rs. 2500013KARACHI11 March 2024
5Rs. 4000028FAISALABAD11 March 2024
6Rs. 20097MUZAFFARABAD15 March 2024
7Rs. 75098HYDERABAD15 April 2024
8Rs. 10046LAHORE15 May 2024
9Rs. 150098KARACHI15 May 2024
10Rs. 2500014PESHAWAR10 June 2024
11Rs. 4000029MULTAN10 June 2024
12Rs. 20098RAWALPINDI17 June 2024
13Rs. 75099QUETTA15 July 2024
14Rs. 10047KARACHI15 August 2024
15Rs. 150099MULTAN15 August 2024
16Rs. 2500015HYDERABAD10 September 2024
17Rs. 4000030LAHORE10 September 2024
18Rs. 20099PESHAWAR16 September 2024
19Rs. 750100FAISALABAD15 October 2024
20Rs. 10048MULTAN15 November 2024
21Rs. 1500100RAWALPINDI15 November 2024
22Rs. 2500016QUETTA10 December 2024
23Rs. 4000031MUZAFFARABAD10 December 2024
24Rs. 200100SIALKOT16 December 2024
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