The new model of the Suzuki Swift 2018 will be introduced next month

Karachi (online 19th Jan, 2018): Suzuki Swift 2018 is being introduced regularly in the next month, which has also started booking. Suzuki Swift’s third generation model will be 1.2 liters petrol with 84 horse power engines.

According to reports, the vehicle will be more light than ever before, and it is more likely to be better than the average average fuel.

Suzuki will introduce this vehicle to the Indian Expo and its official announcement will be announced. It is likely that the price is 5 to 8 million.

Indian rupees (upto 8 million to 14 million rupees) may be. After this visit, this model will likely introduce Pakistan someday this year, but here it will be worth the price, just say something about it. no.

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