Federal cabinet approves reduction in Prices of Medicines

ISLAMABAD (April 23, 2019): The Federal Cabinet of Pakistan approved the reduction in the prices of medicines, and decided to withdraw hundreds of medicines from the companies who have increased their prices from the expense to their return.

Federal Cabinet acceptance for reduction in drug prices

While briefing media from the decisions taken by the Prime Minister Imran Khan, under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, assistant specialist information, Firdous Ashiq Awan, said the health minister Dr. Zafar informed his recommendations on the recent increase in the prices of medicines.

The Minister pointed out that pharmaceutical companies have shown interest in hundreds of drugs from hundreds of medicines, on the issue of rising prices, companies not only used to mislead the drug policy but also the unprofitable benefits of relief to the increase.

Also picked up Supporting Special Information for the Government said that the government has decided to withdraw from the profit-making companies in excess of the prices of medicines, which will be collected and collected in the auction.

Iranian Prime Minister visits Firdous Asik Awan, Cabinet members congratulated the Prime Minister on a successful visit to Iran, the auxiliary special said that Iran is not only a neighboring country but a foreign country, some problems have been created with Iran. They were required.

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