Rs 50 Billion Digital Currency a Worth will be be Issued

New York (09th Jan, 2018): The New York (Online) Messaging Application ‘Telegram’ has already planned to introduce its corruption currency. So Rs 50 Billion Digital Currency a Worth will be be Issued worthing 50 Cror Dollar. 

This news came in December last year that ‘telegram’ also came as ‘bit coin’ Digital corruption is making a program of currency exchange, but now more information is available.

Technology Tech’s ‘Tech Crunch’ reports from numerous sources of telegram that the assistant messaging app initially costs US $ 50 million (Pakistani Digital corruption worth more than Rs 50 billion) intends to introduce currency According to the details, telecom will also introduce a special private chat feature under the third party, through which the application will facilitate transfer of money to recover the customers from around the world.

The Instant Messaging app will also establish a third-party organization called ‘Telegram Open Network’ (TON), which will see digital corruption currency affairs.

The capital currency is likely to be named ‘gram’ Users will be able to buy other online sources including their credit card. After online purchase of the GMBH, the telecom user will be able to transfer money through any ‘Gram’ to anyone in any other country of the world.

The transaction will be through the Encrypted Message Chart, and the recipient is entitled to the value of the gram with the third party ‘Telegram’, including banks and other financial institutions Ga. This time it could be kept to a value of ‘g’ is premature to say, and

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